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A Non-Profit Organization

JCF Alumni Foundation is a community-based nonprofit organization impacting the students’ lives at John C. Fremont High School, located in South Los Angeles area. Our foundation consists of a professional network which is committed to serving students through mentorship and providing scholarship opportunities. Many of our alumni have become local community leaders, activists, entertainers, entrepreneurs, religious leaders and educators.  Our motto is “Find a Path or Make One and Leave a Legacy”. We are devoted to developing the next generation of community leaders through mentorship programs, leadership development opportunities and
other resources, affording students the opportunity to reach their highest levels of scholastic achievement.

The Foundation will provide access to post-secondary education to members of our community who would not otherwise have the financial means to fulfill their educational goals. We view higher education as a catalyst, to promote change for individuals, families and within the community.

The Foundation also has a legacy of being a leader in community outreach.  Our community events allow us to provide meals, educational field trips that allows students to experience and perhaps explore career opportunities and along with other essential services to the community. Due to recent events, we have been called to enhance our outreach efforts.  We gladly accept this charge knowing that through our efforts, we become better individuals and leave a legacy of being agents for positive change within our community.


We believe that every underserved student needs and deserves an education beyond high school. Financial hardship should not be a barrier to a higher education. Since our founding, we have impacted the lives of youth by:
 Helping parents to navigate the financial aid paperwork and process.
 Awarding achievements and mentorship to students.
 Reaching out to encourage students who are underserved or overlooked.



To be the gateway to students’ future success and instill pride for the journey ahead.



Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and support JCF students through high school graduation providing preparation, resources, mentorships, and scholarships. It is our commitment to assist each student with the opportunity to reach the highest level of scholastic achievement.


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2851 W 120TH Street
Suite #E125
Hawthorne, CA 90250


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